Saturday, 26 January 2013

45- Skinfood Aloe Vera foam cleanser

This skin foam cleanser is very much like the Egg pore foam cleanser I have already written a review about.
I would say the only difference is that the Egg foam wash tightens the face, is white and smells different.
The Aloe vera foam wash smells green...if that makes sense, like grass smells green.
The cleanser is thicker than the Egg wash but that doesn't matter or effect the product.
The wash leaves your face much softer in comparison to the tightening effects.

Overall the Aloe vera wash would make a very good everyday wash for ladies and gentlemen.
It cleanses, leaves the skin soft, smells nice without any fancy effects added to complicate the product.

44- Nature Republic Steam Cream sample

I have got two of these samples from a purchase, so this will just be my review on initial reactions and opinions.

What is steam cream?
So steam cream is basically a method used for the ingredients to fuse together, with the process being steamed, it provides the face with hydration and an extra light texture. What I like about this concept is that the process of making this cream is very simple!

The product feels nice, it's quite thick but creamy at the same time.
The scent is quite floral, light and refreshing. It definitely smells clean.
For my skin type, I would without a doubt only wear this during night as it too thick for my skin during the day. I think this cream would be suited to dry skin who needs a like of love and care, the fuss free way.
The actual packaging is quite nice and simple with some delicate illustrations, it makes a nice little gift to someone with sensitive skin or someone who isn't into skincare but is easing their way into it.

43- Candy cane chapstick!

I bought this yesterday in another Olive Young branch and it was such a good deal!
£2 for 2 and they're limited edition too!
I'm sure if you are in America you will find these very easily. If you cant find these in your drug stores be sure to look out for them in pharmacies!

Like any chapstick lip balm they are very moisturising and the candy cane scent and flavour is delicious!
Be expected to get a good tingle on the lips!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

42- Nigella Lawson's Double chocolate chip cookies!

I have been eyeing up this recipe for quite a long time and even watched her make them on TV but after much thinking I did it!
What put me off was purchasing the sheer amount of chocolate...butter and dark chocolate are relatively expensive compared to other things in Korea BUT it is worth it!
This recipe consists of 475g of dark chocolate so it is pure indulgence! It's not for the faint hearted!
I spiced the recipe slightly by adding walnuts in. I only had 75g of walnuts because that's all I had to add in.
Definitely try this recipe out.
If you are not a fan of overly chocolatey things then maybe this isn't for you.
The cookies were very chocolatey but weren't chewy or crispy. They reminded me more of brownies but they definitely go well with a glass of milk!

Sorry for the cookie cookies for some reason didn't show up on a plate!

If you do want some normal yet delicious chocolate chip cookies, try these recipe because they were delicious and they have been highly reccommended on the website!

41- New Peach and Lemon Chapsticks in South Korea

I would definitely call myself a keen lip balm collector and I especially collect chapstick lipbalms. I don't collect the shimmery chapsticks though, I'm not a shimmer, glittery or glossy sort of girl.
When I went to Homeplus and Olive Young (a higher end drugstore) I discovered these babies!
They were on a 1+1 offer, in Korea they don't say buy one get one free.

So for 2.70 I got 2 chapsticks!
BUT a weird thing about the offers here are they have to be in the same!
So I had to buy the lemon which came with another lemon! And a peach with another peach!

The peach chapstick is especially nice and I was surprised at the type of peach scent they used. It's very pleasant to use and not overly sweet which is nice.
Like all chapsticks they are very moisturing and I like them very much indeed.
I have been using this one more especially as I keep it in my coat pocket.

The lemon one however is disappointing...the moisturising properties are still the same but the scent! It's awful!
I was expecting a fresh refreshing sweet lemon flavour with a bit of zing but instead I got lemon washing up liquid! Or at least that's what it reminds me of. I am going to continue using the lemon one, it's on my bed side table but it was just disappointing that's all. There's nothing special about it.

I'm sure that these flavours are only available in South Korea as the packaging on the box and lipbalm packing has Korean on it, but if you come across them then get the peach!

40- Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam

We (me and my boyfriend) have been using this ever since I've made my very first purchase in a Skinfood store.
Whatever you're buying, no matter how cheap or little, they tend to hand the Egg pore foam out a lot.
I am guessing that it is generally a much cheaper product to produce compared to others like serums and lotions but also because it's universally friendly.

Anyway, last week my boyfriend bought the full size product because he decided that his skin couldn't live without out. He is 23 and has a general area of spots around his jaw line which comes and goes very quickly.
So quickly that sometimes he wakes up with spots and the next day they have gone down a lot or have even disappeared

Skinfood claims:
A pore refining cleanser with egg extract that deep cleanses pores.
Egg white enriched with albumin promotes firmer skin and tighter pores!

This wash is very very foamy.
When I first used this from a sample, I made the mistake of putting too much onto my hand. It lathers up like nothing else I've ever seen!
Using an amount even smaller than a pea, washes my face completely.
So you can imagine how much 150ml will last.
The product is around £4.50 which isn't bad at all.
The smell is pretty mutual in scent and strength, I have read that some people think it smells my opinion it smells nice, I would say it smells of a floral concotion.
The foam wash leaves your skin fresh, slightly tight which are the pore tightening properties and never a dry patch on the face.
Overall it's a good buy for people who want something none fussy and does the trick. It is definitely worth the money as you can get so many uses out of it!
Go and try it out, I'm sure there are samples you can buy on eBay.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

39- The most amazing carrot cake recipe!

This is the only carrot cake recipe I swear by and I've been using this since my years at university.
It's moist, flavoursome and easy to make...and if you're good at decorating  you can make this look very pleasing to the eye!

I have altered the recipe to my own liking. I have taken all the aspects of coconut out, it's not that I don't like just means I have fewer ingredients to buy for and have to use up.

In South Korea, I don't seem to be able to find wholemeal flour so I used plain instead.
The results aren't the same but it was still as delicious! Definitely don't swap the wholemeal flour!

I decorated my cake with flaked almonds, whole almonds, walnuts and a light sprinkle of cinnamon.